‘’Because  I am a Street girl’’

In January 2012 Essamba Home Foundation launched a Pilot project called “Because I am a street girl”.

The project  focused on the street girls in Yaoundé, Cameroon and on the daily struggle they go through  in order to survive street life and the dangers that threaten them. This project  intended to provide a better understanding of the problems that the girls are facing.


In order to stimulate the interest of the street girls, multiple presentations were given based on general art and photography. They also got informed on what the basis and chances are in order to be able to work as a photographer, this was partly illustrated by the personal experience of Angèle Etoundi Essamba.


The girls received instructions on how to use a digital camera, what type of photos are expected, in which place and at what time. They were encouraged to shoot pictures in an original and creative way and to express and record their daily life, surroundings, dreams and aspirations.


In a period of 10 days, from the 20th until the 30th of January the girls were assisted by coaches and they  photographed their environment. They presented their photos during work discussion sessions. After having presented their work, the girls received their first certificate.


The best shots were then selected to be part of a final presentation.


The pilot project led to team forming by sharing a common experience and forming mutual ties. This increased the girls feelings of self-esteem.


Essamba Home Foundation is very thankful for the generous contribution by Olympus Nederland and the active assistance of partners in Cameroon, without their help this project would not have become a reality.


Winning photo's made by the girls