It is the mission of Essamba Home Foundation to ''bring art to life in the lives of underprivileged and vulnerable girls''.


We believe strongly that making and experiencing art brings about self-reflection, self-knowledge and gives a feeling of self-worth, no matter if you are the creator or the spectator. It empowers the youth and gives them future perspectives. It will provide them with new skills which will help them to creatively face and resolve the many challenges in their daily life. 





When living on the street, the focus is on surviving and acquiring the necessity of life such as food, drinks and clothing. School is forgotten, while a good education enhances the chance of a life out of poverty.


We are working towards offering 6 month vocational training for which we offer free learning materials. After completing the training, they receive a certificate which the youth can use to build an independent existence as a tailor.


We can really use your help with supplying materials such as ...


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