The number of youth living on the streets in Yaoundé continues to increase. One estimate is that there are just under a thousand street girls in the city of Yaoundé. This recent phenomenon dramatically increased since the social economic crisis in the eighties. The streets have become a home and a main place of social contact for these children. They are mostly beggars, forced into crime and sometimes even involved in prostitution to provide for their needs. They are the object of pursuit by the police who have the order to "clean the streets".


All these circumstances and dangers to which they are exposed take away the possibilities of a normal future for these kids. We cannot stay emotionless against this growing problem. The future of these kids and their exposure to all types of dangers is the main motivation for creating Essamba Home Foundation.


To help the youth get out of their isolation and incite them to artistic expression. To achieve this, Essamba Home Foundation will work with Cameroonian artists, teachers and other individuals from the creative and development sector.



Essamba Home Foundation for street girls is a concept that is the only one of its kind in Yaoundé. Where they can begin to experience what it feels like to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness. Their participation to educational and artistic activities will contribute to the girls feeling stronger and it will help to raise their self-esteem to a sense of well being.