We rely on donation to carry out our mission;


We believe strongly that making and experiencing art brings about self-reflection, self-knowledge and gives a feeling of self-worth, no matter if you are the creator or the spectator. It empowers the youth and gives them future perspectives. It can provide skills as well as help them to creatively face and resolve the many challenges in their daily life. 


Essamba Home Foundation needs your help to reach our objectives and create positive change in the lives of the youth. By taking the step to support us we are making a positive difference through our actions.


There are also other ways to give to Essamba Home Foundation; by providing materials or services, by giving financial aid or organizing events. Essamba Home Foundation will be very grateful for any support in any form. This could be from private individuals, companies, donors, sponsors, volunteers, relationships or friends.


Will you give today? Essamba Home Foundation appreciates your valuable help!


Account details;

NL29 INGB 0004 825830

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Materials for art


Do you have a sewing machine that is just taking up space,  clean unwanted fabric or other related materials.


Donate and help us with the continuation of our project. Please check the list with all the materials that are continuously needed.


There is the option to either drop off or ship your donation to us. Please send us an email at (add email).






Be our Partner


Essamba Home Foundation believes that by working together you will achieve greatness. We collaborate with small businesses up to big corporations. A partnership works two ways and we will ensure that our objectives are met. This will benefit both your company as well as Essamba Home Foundation. This takes shape in many forms for example a long-term partnership. Essamba Home Foundation needs your support to realize our projects and help the street girls.


A fundraising event organised in collaboration with Essamba Home Foundation to improve the lives of the youth of Yaoundé, Cameroon. This will improve the solidarity and company pride in your employees. Or your company could donate in kind, we welcome any products or services that your company can contribute to Essamba Home Foundation.


Do you want to be our partner in bringing about positive change in the lives of the street girls of Yaoundé. Please contact us by sending an email to add email .